Providence and the Legacies of the Ancestors, by Josiah Ulysses Young III( HARDCOVER)


A Pan-African Theology: Providence and the Legacies of the Ancestors is a liberation theology that blends radical perspectives of black North American and African theologies. The book is thus a pioneering work and represents sustained reflection on Pan-Africanism as a praxis of struggle and mode of African spirituality. Josiah Young argues that Pan-Africanism is an indispensable orientation for blacks who reject the alienation wrought by white supremacy and desire to grow in Afrocentric commitments to the black poor of Africa and Diaspora. He examines the legacy of seminal black clergy of the nineteenth century as a critical principle that illumines the necessity of dynamic assimilations of African values that de-Europeanize black Christians in quest of truth, freedom and the sacred way of "love-for-self." By way of a Pan-African approach to both social and religio-cultural analyses, Professor Young makes a ground-breaking case for theology uniquely suited for the task of furthering the solidarity of the black oppressed on both sides of the Atlantic.

JOSIAH YOUNG III received his undergraduate degree from Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA; and masters and Ph.D. degrees from Union Theological Seminary, New York, NY. He is Professor of Systematic Theology at Wesley Theological Seminiary in Washington, D.C.