HEAL THYSELF: For Health and Longevity, by Queen Afua

HEAL THYSELF: For Health and Longevity, by Queen Afua

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The healer differs from the medical doctor in that the medical doctor is a learned and trained technician in methods of alleviating systems of illness that may not be part of his/her personal experience learned to utilize life's obstacles for growth and development. when, through understanding trial and error, and obstacle, problem or illness is overcome and a new experience of benefit is born out of an old problem, true healing has taken place. When such an indivuidual extends his/her healing experience to others to help guide them trough what they have experienced, a healer is created. The process to is continual. as a the healer helps to guide others he/she too is guided from 12 worked on by Queen Afua. she was about to apply a healing agent to my body when right before the applications the congestion in my chest began to break up and disperse. this was quite an extraordinary experience, i might add.



"I, Queen Afua, born Helen Odel Robinson, am reaching back into the beginning of time and drawing the strengh, power, and dignity of those ancient times and ancient folks. I affirm for my people and all the people right here and now that our personal, spiritual and physical liberation is through purification. All I am able to reach I will share this Freedom call -- Liberation through Purification!" 




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