RACE AND REPARATIONS: A Black Perspective for the 21st Century, by Clarence J. M

RACE AND REPARATIONS: A Black Perspective for the 21st Century, by Clarence J. M


Interpreting the skein of evidence trailing from the racism inherent in white civilization, the author of this book rescues Black nationalism from junk-jive hallucinations and grounds it in the political-economic realities of racist America. Dr. Munford wields the historic method with surgical precision to examine issues vital to today's African Americans-unemployment, the economic redundancy thrust upon Black youths, and Black capitalism and the role of the entrepreneur; the criminalization of Black males, police brutality, and the political economy of prisons; health, education, miscegenation, and the system of welfare-for-white-folks; affirmative action, parity and compensation for racial discrimination past and present, majority Black electoral districting, constitutional amendments to guarantee proportionate Black political representation, "Rainbow" alliances and 21st century strategy and tactics, and the meaning of latter-day Black Power.

Infused with the spirit of Pan-Africanism, this book exposes the global incompatibility between white world supremacy and Black liberation. It confronts all Africans-continentals and diasporans-with the twenty-first century's stark imperative: Power through reparations? Or the holocaust of continued white racism?

CLARENCE J. MUNFORD is currently professor of History (Black Studies) at Guelph University in Guelph, Ontario. The Ohio-born scholar and activist has taught in Nigerian, European, and U.S. universities. His previous writings-which span a generation and include numerous articles, essays, papers, and addresses, as well as a three-volume autopsy of early Black enslavement in the French West Indies-have dealt with the theory and practice of revolutionary nationalism from the Pan-Africanist perspective.