Great Issues of a Race From 4500 B.C. to 2000 A.D., by Chancellor Williams


"A foundation and new approach to the history of our race... It was pioneering research into unexplored areas. This book is not only urgently needed now, but it will be read by future generations."
John Henrik Clarke, President of African Heritage Association

"This book should be the basis for all the so-called Black Studies programs. This is the basic text, necessary for Afrikan mental development in the last part of the 20th century."
Amiri Baraka

"Williams' directness, forcefulness, and the partial warmth of an insider whose own destiny and that of his people is at stake has strong impact... The Destruction of Black Civilization is a balanced appraisal of an ancient and contemporary African history..." 
The Black World 

"This book is a contribution to the understanding of Black civilization and the way of life of African people. For once here is documentation put forth by a Black scholar. More books of this kind are needed."
Wiley Smith III, Associate Director of the Institute of African-American Affairs at Kent State University

"...It is a comprehensive analysis of our past and a most perceptive and relevant analysis of our present condition as a people." 
Andrew J. Billingsley, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Howard University

"Chancellor Williams comes to us at a time when his message, if interpreted correctly, can help us to understand Why We Lose--why the Black African man rests firmly on the bottom of Africa and everywhere else the African and his descendants reside. His book nees little analysis. It needs to be read. His message is sharp and clear for everyone to see... He says that the central problem of the 30 million Black Americans in the United States in unity--that we must unite or perish. 
The Afrocentric World Review