Barnabas was a Jew born in Cyrus. His name was Joses, and due to his devotion to the cause of Jesus, the other apostle had given him the surname of Barnabas; this term is variously translated as “Son of consolation” or “Son of Exhortation.” He was a successful preacher with a magnetic personality. And one tormented by the clash of creeds found solace and peace in his company. His eminence as a man who had been close to Jesus had made him a prominent member of small group of disciples in Jerusalem who had gathered together after the disappearance of Jesus. They observed the Law of the Prophets, which Jesus had come, “not to destroy but, to Fulfill” (Matthew 5:17)

Incidentally it is only Jesus and Mohammed who have the largest following in the world today. Over half of the total human population consists of the Christians who adhere to Jesus and the Muslims who believe in Jesus and Mohammed. The Quran also underlines the closeness of relationship between the Muslims and Christians (Quran 5:85-81). It is only an alliance between the Christians and Muslims which can confront the rising tide of atheism and materialism.